Quewave, SA headquarters was established in Lugano, Switzerland in 2013, and its Branch office was built in Maadi, Cairo Egypt in 2014.

We are a telecom solutions developer, manufacturer and system integrator with a diverse telecom-related product line that ranges from network control to power management, our national market territory includes Africa, Europe and Middle east. With the continuous growth and performance.

We provide network operators and contractors with the most developed components, through a strong manufacturing capabilities with R&D innovative team. Committed to satisfy our customers’ requirements & expectations for their future plans.

Our Mission

“To Develop and Manufacture a one stop solution for all diverse Telecom business communication needs, product line that ranges from network control to power management backed up by a team which is passionately committed to providing an outstanding customer experience”

Our customers share a goal of providing superior, innovative products to empower and connect our world. Bringing products to market that depends on precision, our success relies heavily on the effort spent on quality improvement.

Quewave has a long track record of creating value for our customers applying a breadth of expertise across a wide range of Telecom businesses from around the globe. We demonstrate this expertise and commitment through integrated programs that driven from Customer demands.

Our customers make our lives safer, easier, entertaining and more connected. thus they expect a lot from us – and we know it.

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At Quewave, our success relies heavily on the success of our partners. Whether you’re a global entity innovating for the future, a manufacturer providing products and services in regions across the world, or a mid-market dealer who needs inventory financing, collaboration is key in Quewave, our work is facilitated by our interaction with our strategic partners as well as our Members. Together we can solve the world’s toughest challenges.