Power Generation

Power Generation
Self recharged Green Back-Up system

The challenge
Traditionally, diesel Gensets are used for providing back-up power. However, with the price of diesel being uncertain, but very likely to be ever-increasing, and the amount of diesel theft, not to mention the logistical costs of bringing the diesel to the often remote sites, industries such as the telecom industry are looking for more efficient, clean solutions to replace diesel.

The Solution
Quewave provides hydrogen generators for integrators to use in their back-up power solution, as well as its own integrated hydrogen fuel cell back-up power solution.Picture42How it works

Quewave Fuel Cell system, produces it’s own fuel on site, from water.
the Electrolyser produces Hydrogen from water when a power source is available, the Hydrogen is compressed inside a Tank, to be ready in case there is a power outage or voltage drop.Picture43DC Generator
Controllis LC48 5, 7 & 12kW 48VDC Generators
LC48 is the new Controllis range of competitively-priced, high-efficiency quiet DC generators designed specifically to bring the cost of DC power solutions down to a par with AC solutions. Telecom network and cell-site operators can now enjoy the reduced maintenance and operating costs offered by DC solutions wit hout incurring any of the increased capital costs associated with switching from AC systems.
LC48 DC Generators provide DC power for all communications sites ranging from remote rural are as to dense urban environments. Controllis LC48 DC Generators come in 5, 7 and 12 kW outputs. All Controllis DC generators are equipped with an advanced hybrid-control system and can be securely remote-

Key Benefits

• Low capital cost – comparable to AC generators
• High efficiency DC – design reduces fuel consumption
• Full remote monitoring and control – reduces maintenance
and site visits to a minimum
• Optional Rugged Galvanized steel and composite enclosure • Industry leading 5 year warranty
• Optional solar PV charger – simple integration of renewable
• Optional mains to DC rectifier – reduces number of cabinets
onsiteControllis LC48 datasheetComprehensive Remote Monitoring and Control
DC generators utilize the Controllis Remote System Controller (RSC) The RMS integrates into any NOC via SNMP.
The RSC interfaces back to the Controllis Remote Management Server via its internal 9Band UMTS/GPRS modem or via any other IP interface available on site.
The RSC under takes multiple management functions in the LC 48 DC generators including:

• Auto generator start management based on the 48 V and12V –battery charge levels. Time of Day load sharing available for multiple generator sites.
• Electronic generator throttle control based on demand from the load.
• Fuel system monitoring & reporting •Lubrication system monitoring & reporting
• Cooling system monitoring & reporting
• Optional Filter conditions monitoring &reporting
• Engine and environment temperature monitoring &reporting

Battery Protection
All Controllis DC generators have been specifically developed to provide a safe and controlled solution for charging DC battery banks. The system monitors battery voltage, battery temperature and load current, and uses internal battery charging algorithms to provide the correct amount of voltage and current in to the battery bank for the given conditions. Controllis developed algorithms control the engine speed 50 times per second to vary the voltage to the appropriate level. In addition to the software control there are built-in hardware protection circuits that ensure the battery bank is never over-charged under any circumstances.

•Recording engine hours •Security monitoring & reporting •Unauthorized system movement detection
•DC charging management
•Battery condition management
•Genset voltage control
•Geographic location reporting
•Video monitoring of Genset site
• Remote communications and monitoring of solar PV and other renewable sources

The flexible design of the RSC allows additional bespoke monitoring functionality to be easily added.

Fuel Saving
Controllis DC Generators save operators significant fuel in site operation. Fuel savings come from the use of a very high efficiency permanent magnet alternator, by varying the engine speed according to site-loads, and by negating the need for alternator coupling or bearings. The fuel savings for a typical site load compared to a modern correctly sized AC Generator and rectifier are typically between 20% and 25%.For smaller site loads hybrid operation using a battery bank can reduce fuel usage by up to 70% compared to a traditional AC installation. On sites suitable for solar and/or wind renewable a Controllis hybrid solution can reduce annual fuel usage to a tiny fraction of previous levels.

Durable Cost Effective Construction
The Controllis LC 48 is available as an open frame generator or with an optional canopy. The Product is available either fully assembled and tested from our UK factory or shipped as a flat-pack kit for assembly in-country (reducing import duties).The optional bespoke LC 48 monocoque enclosure is constructed using durable powder coated galvanized steel and a composite outer skin with a strong and tough galvanized inner steel lining. Insulation between the panels is dense fire- retardant mineral fiber insulation. This construction provides extremely high levels of security, acoustic performance, thermal insulation, and corrosion resistance. The enclosure is secured by either by high security pad locks conforming to the operators own security program or by optional vandal resistant high security puck locks. The engine exhaust is passed through a multipath silencer. Intake and exhaust air travel in and out of the enclosure high level louvers. The LC 48 standard sound level at 7 mis 65dB, with the optional hush kit this reduces to 50dB at 7m.

Renewable Energy Integration
The LC 48 DC generators integrate easily in to renewable energy solutions. The LC 48 DC generators can be supplied with optional 48V solar PV charging controllers for up to 12kW of solar capacity. This solar controller is integrated with the Controllis RSC via RS 485 to provide full remote visibility of the entire system including solar output and battery status. When power demand is not met by the solar output or the energy stored in the battery bank, the LC 48 DC generator automatically switches itself on and takes over the charging role until the renewable source can again provide sufficient energy to meet site needs. The LC 48 DC generators can be integrated with other renewable systems including wind power and micro hydro power.

Warranty, Support and Finance
All LC 48 DC generators systems are sold with a comprehensive multi-year warranty on parts and labor. At the end of the warranty period there is an option to purchase an extended warranty. Controllis provide comprehensive support and training during the installation and commissioning phase of new deployments. After installation we provide 3rd tier support to your system managers on an as required basis. For larger deployments we can provide a financing scheme to qualifying companies. Operators in developing countries can quality for very attractive finance packages that provide pay back for deploying our generators or hybrid systems to the first day of installation. Picture45