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Lithium Batteries

GS Yuasa Lithium Battery LIM40E-13
Gs Yuasa’s heritage in large format Lithium-ion stretches back to early 90’s,The LIM40E-13 modules incorporates GS Yuasa’s unique advanced battery technologies, experience, manufacturing expertise and commitment to quality.

Special Features
Low Total Cost of ownership
Outstanding Cyclic life
Excellent Charge Acceptance
Remote Monitoring

High Reliability
GS Yuasa has manufactured large format LI-Ion cells for more than a decade.
Integrated battery monitoring unit communicates modules status to guarantee
system safety and dependability.

Robust Battery Management System
An optional touch-screen display allows users to monitor battery system details. Picture23Picture27Picture28
48V100K Customizable Battery Kit
The 48V100 K Battery Kit allows OEMs and integrators to configure customized 48V 100Ah battery solutions leveraging the superior performance of Nanophosphate® lithium ion modules and NEC Energy Solutions’ advanced battery management features.

48V100K Applications

High-energy density enables more usable capacity in less space Maintenance-free long calendar and float life lower overall cost of ownership

Long cycle life, even with deep DoD cycles, and partial state of charge Fast charging during periods of grid power availability

• High performance over full depth-of-discharge range optimizes renewable generation integration
• Integrated intelligence allows real-time monitoring of storage systems at remote sites

Reliable performance over wide operating temperature range
High-energy density for space-constrained environments

Flexibility across full range of available power and energy enables many use cases Ideal building block for PV integration, demand charge avoidance, backup power

Light Weight
The 48V100 K components are only one third the weight of comparable lead acid battery configurations, and consume less space

Long Life Cycle
NEC Energy Solution’s 48V100 K Kit enables up to 10X the cycle life and 5X better float/calendar life of comparable lead acid battery solutions, even at elevated temperatures. Cycle life is double that of other lithium-ion solutions.

Fast Charge Acceptance
Designs based on the 48V100 K are capable of charging up to five times faster than competing lead acid batteries, increasing battery system availability for improved backup system reliability. For remote telecom applications with limited grid connectivity, this simplifies renewable generation (such as PV solar) integration and/or reduces reliance on diesel generator support, lowering overall TCO

High Power
The 48V100 K kit enables systems with twice the power of comparable lead acid batteries, and even other lithium-ion solutions. Full energy capacity is supported even at high discharge rates and deep cycling, allowing system power requirements to be met with fewer batteries.

Reliability and Safety
The integrated BMS improves overall system reliability, safety, and longevity through cell balancing, temperature and state-of-charge reporting, and protecting against short-circuit, over-charge, and over-discharge conditions.

Picture29Picture30Picture31Picture32Flow Batteries

Imergy ESP5 energy storage platform
2.5 kW and 5 kW, 10 to 30 kWh
A Flow Battery is an energy storage device where power and energy are independent Power is derived from “Electrochemical Cells” or “Cell Stacks”
Electrolyte held in separate tanks stores the Energy
Pumps circulate electrolyte through the Cell Stacks which converts
electrochemical energy into electricity. And vice versa.
Control system manage the electrolyte circulation
Flow battery technologies are mainly distinguished by electrolyte composition
o Vanadium Redox
o Fe – Cr
Rapid charging, deep discharge tolerance and high capacity facilitate 24-hour power availability for mission-critical applications such as wireless telecom towers and transportation infrastructures. The ESP is also a perfect complement to renewable technology systems, including solar arrays, wind turbines, and fuel cell generators. The system architecture allows power and capacity to be specified separately, enabling tailoring of the ESP to site-specific requirements.

Imergy’s ESP System is fully integrated and factory-tested prior to delivery, and no on-site conditioning nor commissioning cycles are required. Site preparation is limited to providing a suitable support surface.

Monitoring and maintenance go hand-in-hand with the ESP System’s built-in performance monitoring and condition-based maintenance system, providing real-time data acquisition through the integrated supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. It provides isolated digital inputs/outputs and a USB communication port for PC connection. The ICS sends the sensor data and the ESP data to remote servers through GPRS and SMS.

Because the ESP stores energy in liquids and eliminates the solid-state interactions in conventional rechargeable batteries, Imergy’s ESP technology enables unlimited cycles at 100% DOD over its service life. Unlike other technologies, all the energy stored is usable with no recommended reduced operating performance, over the whole temperature range.


Output Power
Energy Capacity
Cycle Life
Discharge : Charge Ratio
Ambient Temperature Range
Charge Voltage Range
Output Voltage Range
Duty Cycle
DC Efficiency

Dimensions (W x D x H)
Shipping Weight
Total System Weight

5 kW (option 2.5kW) (peak 7kW)
10/15/20/25/30 kWh
Unlimited or 10 years
Up to 3 : 1
-5°C to +50°C (23°F to 122°F)
54.5 VDC ±1.5 VDC
49.5 VDC ±1.5 VDC
Integrated Comm System (ICS), SMS, GPRS, USB, Optional MODBUS over
Preemptive via ICS – one site visit/year
2.7 m2 (29 sq ft)
2.20 x 1.22 x 2.15 m (7.22 x 4.00 x 7.05 ft)
770 kg (1698 lbs)
1800-3000 kg (3968-6614 lbs)Picture34Picture35VRLA Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid Battery New Products Introduction
Target Market:
Renewable Energy Market (Solar, Wind, Smart Grid)
Target Performance:
Cell capacity 1000Ah/10HR
Cyclic Performance 4500 cycles at DOD 70% at 25C

Recommended charging method:
Constant VOLTAGE, Multiple step charging,
Charging amount 101-102%

Picture36Picture37Advanced Nano-Carbon technology performs Superior Deep Long Cycle Life and is deployed in GS YUASA high capacity cyclic cells for variety of large Energy Storage applications. The modular unit design provides easy installation and reduced site space. Modular unit construction has front facing terminals for easy maintenance, even in large energy storage solutions.Picture38
Picture39Picture40VRLA+ SLC70 – 4V
Advanced Nano-Carbon Deep Cycle Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

Granular silica battery with Nano Carbon technology has most superior long cycle life performance for various cycle use. In order to store energy efficiently, special plates design was newly developed for the excellent performance.

It has been achieved 4000 cycles at DOD 50%.

The design also achieved safety reaction from ignition by having less remaining gas inside of the battery. Picture41