Quewave provides a wide range of Repeaters & DAS systems, for coverage enhancement.
In addition, our systems can be remotely monitored
The communication is IP based and all active units have a built-in web server for configuration, data collection and alarm management.

The entire system is presented in an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), where a simple click will grant access to each unit’s local web interface and functions.
Picture2Band selective
Multiband option
IP65 classified chassis
Software set IP address
MTBF 100000hOutput Power
400 MHz 2*23 dBm @ -36dBmPicture3
800 MHz 2*30 dBm @ -13dBm
900MHz 2*23 dBm @ -36dBm
1800 MHz 2*26 dBm @ -30dBm
1900 Mhz 2*30dBm @ -13dBm
2100UMTS 1*34 dBm, 2*29 dBm
2600LTE 1*34 dBm, 2*29 dBm
Picture4Medium Power repeater DMR 600Picture5Medium Power repeater DMR 600


Quewave DHR800 repeater platform is a high performance band selective
repeater equipped with a linear power amplifier supporting all
modulations. An IP65 classed lightweight chassis with optimized cooling
secures the performance in almost any environment.

Rugged chassis for use in any environment
Variable bandwidth up to 35MHz depending on configuration
High selectivity using SAW technology
Optimal performance and minimal interference with self oscillation
protection, fast AGC and link symmetry functionality.
Operational parameters are set in a web interface,
only a web browser is needed for control
Remote control via Ethernet or
Alarms can be forwarded via SNMP to any Maintenance Centre*
Power amplifier in uplink (optional)
Complies to the RoHS
directive 2002-95-EC

Band selective
Multiband option
IP65 classified chassis
12kg total weight
Power consumption <150W
Software set IP address
MTBF 100000hPicture8Picture7Output Power (Composite)
800 MHz: 43 dBm

900MHz: 40 dBm
1800 MHz: 40 dBm

1900 Mhz: 43 dBm
2100UMTS 43 dBm
2600LTE 43 dBmPicture9
High Power repeater DHR 800Picture10High Power repeater DHR 800

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS, EUROPEAN CELLULARPicture11DAS System LayoutPicture12DAS Master Unit Site

Main components

BIU – base station interface cards
FOI – Fiber optic interface cards
PSU – Power supply
POI – point of interconnect
BGW – supervision computer
DMR – integrated repeater solution
Switch unitPicture15An in-house developed frame holds the PSU, BIU and FOI cards
All 19 inch rack mountable

DAS Remote Unit

Rugged IP65 AL casing with convectional cooling for wall & pole mounting
Power consumption 150W at standard configuration (with 2PA modules)
Up to four bands in one chassis
Integrated opto with possibility for sectorization
Dual optical interface optional
Up to 4 remotes on single fiber
Special version with 5 bands being delivered as national standard in Canada for TelusPicture16Picture8 Picture7BGW- Base station Gateway Computer

Rack controlling computer
Entire head-end controlled
DHCP server for all modules in the system
Full IP connectivity all the way to head-end
Firewall for ingress protection
Industrial standard PC
Linux software
License free – no hidden costs
Controlled by web browser
Auto configurationPicture17