Power Metering

Power Metering
AcuDC 240
AcuDC 240 series power meter can be used for monitoring and controlling in DC systems. These meters can measure a wide range of parameters such as voltage, current, power and energy. It supports bi-directional current measurement, digital inputs for switch monitoring and relay outputs for remote controlling as well as an over-range alarming feature for voltage and current. Large signals, such as voltage and current can be converted to smaller signal using analog output. All data in the meter is accessible via RS485 using open Modbus RTU protocol. The large 3 line LCD display also provides easy to read real-time data directly on the meter front.Picture46

DC Energy Management Systems
Power Distribution for Telecommunication Room
Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Industrial DC Control Systems
Metallurgy and Electroplating

DC power system metering
Monitor and control power switches
Alarming and analog output
Standard 72x72mm, allows for drawer type panel installation
Three line high-definition LCD display

Wind Power Generation
DC Excitation Systems
Light Rail Transit Systems
EV Charging Monitoring
Data Center
Cellular Tower Energy Monitoring

Accessible with SCADA, PLC systems
Easy installation, simple wiring
Data Logging: Offers 3 assignable historical logs where the all of the metering parameters can be recorded. The onboard memory is up to 4 MB and each log size is adjustable.  Picture47AcuLink 710

Accuenergy’s AcuLink 710 is an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server and gateway allowing users to collect energy data from all Accuenergy meters, sensors and other devices.

Designed to connect with IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response and smart grid programs.

The AcuLink gateway lets you connect thousands of energy metering points, benchmark energy usage and reduce energy cost. Picture48
Features, BeneFits anD applications

Connect between backend meters and servers, and present information in front end.
Access energy information from local or remote sites.
View real time performance data.
Push or pull meter data to energy dashboards, kiosks and software applications.
Monitor renewable energy performance and production.
Monitor performance of critical systems such as lighting, HVAC, PDUs, inverters, etc.
Track energy use and peak demand.
Alarm notification for data points above or below target levels including SNMP Traps.
Measurement and verification (M&V).
LEED/ Energy start certification.Picture49Picture50Picture51